Bulletin 18 Infographic: Hanoi’s poor

By Taufik Indrakesuma, on October 10th, 2012
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A new form of poverty is emerging in Hanoi

The latest infographic from the ATM team tells a story about Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, and how it fares in its struggle to provide basic services for its people. The numbers and information in the infographic are a combination of secondary data from the World Bank, primary data from the ATM poverty profile survey, as well as information from interviews the team conducted in the field.

This infographic highlights the emerging issues that Hanoi’s poor must contend with. Although Vietnam’s GDP is growing and income levels among the poor are rising, it does not necessarily translate into improved access to services. There are several limitations to the government’s service provision capacity, which leads to things like a strict “poor list” of eligible households.

If you want to read more about poverty alleviation efforts in Hanoi, go to “Asian Trends Monitoring Bulletin 18: Empowering Hanoi’s Poor”, available online and as a PDF. In it, we discuss the different strategies for poverty alleviation that would be more effective in improving the lives of the poor without putting additional strain on the government budgets. We also conduct foresight analysis on the alternative futures of Hanoi, in order to help the people and planners in Hanoi decide what path they would like to take.

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