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N95 mask making machine

this machine is automatically making the N95 mask body: automatic non-woven & meltblown fabric feeding. folding and pressing. nose bridge embedded. Forming mask shape. Divided into slices.



Performance characteristics:

1. The machine is installed on the floor, with overall coordination and small floor space.
2. It adopts PLC and touch screen control system, the movement axis is controlled by servo motor, and the conveying line is controlled by frequency conversion speed.
3. The operation is simple, the interface is simple and easy to use, without programming, ordinary personnel can operate.
4. When the production is stopped, there is no need to re-align the position to improve production efficiency.
5. The running status and abnormal monitoring can be viewed directly.
6. Automatic control, adjustable speed, automatic counting function.
7. Voltage: 220V-50/60HZ
8. Speed: 40-50 pieces/min
9. Size: L:2900*W:1500*H1950mm
10. Weight: 500KG




The following is supporting equipment:



Use ambient temperature 10-35 °, humidity 5-35%, no flammable, corrosive gas Voltage: 220V-50HZ
Power: 20K-2000W
Size: 1100 * 600 * 1500
Speed: 15-25 tablets / minute
Weight: 250KG



Stroke: 100mm
Power: 20K-2000W
Size: 1200 * 550 * 1300
Weight: about 150KG
Applicable materials: disposable masks, life masks